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Egretia combines existing HTML5 technologies and product tools to create a complete blockchain game development tool set. With Egretia's toolset, developers can create blockchain games quickly and easily without pay attention to complex underlying technology implementations, and through the blockchain, they can open up the flow of virtual assets between games.


For developers who are new to the blockchain, we have prepared several introductory documents.

Construction of development environment

First step of development a blockchain's game is construction of development environment.Before Egretia appeared, developers needed to learn a lot of blockchain knowledge, including language, wallet, publish chain and tools, as shown in the picture below.

Since the blockchain is still in its infancy, the technology in various aspects is not very perfect. Developers have a very high barrier to entry from the traditional game field to the blockchain game field, and they need to spend a lot of time and energy.

Egretia solve this problem. Using Egretia blockchain development workflows can greatly improve the learning efficiency of developers.

Egretia Construction of development environment is very simple.

SmartIDE and Web Wallet are in the cloud and can be used directly. We will push the detailed tutorial.

First blockchain game

By convention, there is a Hello World before the detailed documentation begins. The first game example is mainly for developers to have an overall concept for blockchain game development. For details, please refer to the follow-up content.

Egretia Server

Egretia Server is Eehereum development local node server,you can use it deploy smart contract,develop a applications d run and tests.


Developing blockchain games is inescapable in the development of smart contracts. SmartIDE is a powerful tool that allows you to write Solidity contracts directly in the Cloud-end.

Web Wallet

The different between blockchain's game development and troditional game development is that blockchain games need to interact with the blockchain often, so they often deal with wallets. Although third-party wallets such as Metamask are available on the market, it is not very convenient for Egretia workflows, so the Egretia team developed the local debug wallet Web Wallet.

Egret document

The above content introduces related tools of Egretia, but still need to master the related knowledge of Egret Engine completely, so as to concentrate more on learning blockchain game development.

Technical support

If you have any questions, please visit the Egret Forum or Egretia Github to communicate and ask questions.

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