Egretia Server brief introduction

Egretia Server is local node server, you can use it to deploy smart contract, develop and test application.

Usage platform

  • Windows
  • Mac


Click the link jump to the official website to download the latest version Egretia Server.

Egretia product official website

Of course it is recommended that you use Egret Launcher to download the latest version of Egretia Server.

Interface introduction

When you start Egretia Server, screen will appear server detail information.Each account have 100 ETH.Automatic generation of ether in all accounts allows you to focus on developing applications.

Attention:The first time you start Egretia Server, you will be asked if you want to allow Google Analytics tracking. Although optional, turning this feature on will help the development team better understand how Egretia Server is used. This tracking is completely anonymous and does not collect any account data or private keys.

Main four pages:

  • Account:That page appear account and balance.
  • Block:That page appear block, gas and transaction information.
  • Transaction:That page appear arrange blockchain all transaction.
  • Log:That page appear block Egretia Server detail log, this is very hopeful for debugging.

Attention please, that you can search for block numbers or transaction hashes from the search box at the top.

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