SmartIDE brief introduction

Developing blockchain games is inescapable in the development of smart contracts. SmartIDE is a powerful tool that allows you to write Solidity contracts directly in the cloud.

Usage platform

Cloud end:SmartIDE

Interface brief introduction

SmartIDE including 8 functions:

  • Resource Manager:By default, the file browser lists all files stored in the browser. You can see them in your browser folder. You can rename, delete or add new files to File Explorer at any time.
  • Code editor:SmartIDE Editor recompiles the code every time you change the current file or select another file. It also provides grammar highlighting of keywords.
  • Console output:Console can view events output by SmartIDE.
  • Compile:After the smart contract is written, you need to use the compile function. If there is any error, it will be displayed under the contract.
  • Run&deploy:The run option carb is an important part of SmartIDE. It allows you to deploy smart contracts into the blockchain.
  • Setting:The setting shows the current compiler version and allows changes to other versions.
  • Analysis:The analysis function provides about the last compilation information. By default,each compilation will run a new analysis.
  • Debug:This module allows you debug transactions. It can be used to deploy transaction create by SmartIDE.(During current environment provide necessary function, the debug function will be work).
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